Girls water polo falls to Glendora

Varsity girls water polo fell to Glendora 7-10 in a home game on Monday, Jan. 29.

After more than two minutes of remaining scoreless in the first quarter, Glendora found an opening in Walnut’s defense and scored first. Walnut came back a minute later with a goal off a penalty shot, bringing the game back to a tie. However, Glendora build up a 3-1 lead before the end of the quarter.

“I think that we played a great game even though we lost. The team morale was high, and it kept us going and working hard all four quarters,” goalkeeper senior Tierra Iniguez said. “Glendora is one of the top three teams in our division, and we played a strong game against them without having practiced for a week, so I think that says a lot about how our girls have grown this season.”

In the second quarter, driver senior Kaitlin Garrett scored twice, driver senior Katarina Buettner scored once, and Iniguez made three blocks. Despite Walnut’s offensive push, Glendora made two goals, ending the half 5-4.

“During halftime, when I looked at the score, I thought it was really cool that we were able to be only down by one because Glendora is really good. So I thought, ‘Okay, this game is totally winnable. We just have to score two goals and then we can win it,’” wing sophomore Itzel Cabral said.

Walnut and Glendora matched each other goal for goal in the third quarter. Both teams scored three goals, and the Mustangs trailed by a point going into the final quarter.

“I was really motivated by how we were so close, and even though we were losing at that point, I knew that it was still in our control, and we were still going to be able to try our hardest to win,” Buettner said. “[We need to improve on] communication. I know that game we did really well on communication, but in general we need to communicate and make sure we have that mutual trust all over the field.”

Glendora’s defense prevented Walnut from scoring in the fourth quarter as the Mustangs made seven unsuccessful shot attempts. Glendora scored two more goals and increased its lead to three, concluding the game 10-7.

“Going into other games, I think we can improve how we think of another team,” Cabral said. “We went into the game knowing that Glendora was going to be good, but [even though they’re good], we [thought we could] still beat them.”

By Ethan Cheng, Staff writer
Photo by Isaac Le

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