Girls water polo holds three-day tryouts

Junior Sarah Fathalla prepares to throw the ball in a water polo scrimmage for tryouts.

Girls water polo tryouts were held Wednesday Oct. 6 and Wednesday Oct. 7 at the pool. Originally scheduled for Monday Oct. 4 and Wednesday Oct. 6, they were moved due to storms and lightning in the area. Tryouts lasted from 7-8:30 p.m.

In order to try out, all participants needed to be cleared with a physical as well as athletic clearance forms. Anyone was welcome to try out, as all the basics are taught during the pre-season.

“The only requirement is that you need to know how to swim,” sophomore Amelia Martinez said. “You can’t necessarily play water polo if you don’t know how to swim.”

Tryouts included swimming drills, shooting and passing. Swimming drills test how proficient they are in breath control and stamina. Shooting and passing are both skills used constantly during the game, so including them in tryouts aids the coach in picking the best members for the team.

“Going into tryouts I was very excited, but nervous at the same time. I felt ready after all the practices and training that led to that moment. I was happy with my performance, but I realized I still need to work on my shooting,” Martinez said.

The scrimmage divides the participants into two teams. Scrimmages are used to show coaches how players will perform in a scenario similar to an actual game.

“I am very excited for my second year on the team,” Martinez said. “I’m okay with either junior varsity or varsity, but I’m pushing for varsity.”

By Sofia Majeed, Arts editor
Photo by Stephanie Cheng