Girls water polo hosts eco-friendly fundraiser

The girls water polo team is hosting an eco-friendly fundraiser, selling reusable items to raise money for their equipment and future competitions.

The girls water polo team found a way to fundraise, 100% virtually through BoonSupply.com. They are selling a multitude of household items, including reusable bags, straws, scented candles, reversible wrapping paper, lunch boxes and tupperware. Most of the items are designed to be sustainable and easy to reuse. With the holidays approaching quickly, the items are made to also be gifts that can be shipped. Both the varsity and junior varsity are hosting this fundraiser and earn a portion of the profits,

“It’s everyday life things but they are very eco friendly,” junior varsity player sophomore Nayra Elhawary said. “They’re really good prices and they’re sturdy and well made.”

After purchasing 40% of the total amount goes to the girls water polo team, The money will go towards tournament entry fees, new equipment, game caps, and any other miscellaneous items that are necessary  for the water polo program. New equipment is important for the players safety and their performance.

“Waterpolo is a mainly contact sport, so it’s very painful when a broken piece of plastic slices your ear. It’s also important because [equipment] gets worn out after years of use,” junior varsity player sophomore Sarah Tackas said. “Our nets and balls have been reused for years and they are getting worn out and the balls are starting to lose their gripping which is very important for us especially during game time”.

To help support the team, go to BoonSupply.com and search for “Walnut High Girls Water Polo”  or click the link in @Walnut_waterpolo’s Instagram bio. When shopping on the site, make sure to click “shop this cause.” For more information or any questions message @Walnut_waterpolo on Instagram.

By Sofia Majeed, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Nayra Elhawary