Girls’ water polo lose to Charter Oak

Girl’s water polo lost to Charter Oak 4-15, dropping its league record to 2-6 on Thursday, Feb. 5.

Walnut started the first quarter by utilizing lob passes to get past its opponent. This strategy led to an early 3-3 tie with two goals scored by wing sophomore Erin de Anda and one from wing senior Melissa Chan.

“At first, we were really confident because it was already the end of first half and we were tied. The first game we played Charter Oak, we only scored one point the entire match and got discouraged. Even though they played really dirty, we still stuck through it and never lost hope,” wing sophomore Lauren Carlton said.

Half-way through the second quarter, the Chargers were able to break down Walnut’s defense and understand its offensive strategy. Charter Oak took advantage of the situation and scored relentlessly, now leading by a six point margin, 4-10.

“We were tied in the first quarter, but I knew it wouldn’t last this way for the entire game. During our game we could’ve stepped up our offense and made more offensive plays, but since our goalie wasn’t there, they scored a lot easier,” de Anda said.

The second half was a dry run for the Mustangs, failing to score and go back to its first quarter play. Both the Mustangs and the Chargers adjusted lineups in response to several ejections, but that didn’t change the way the Chargers played as they scored five more in the half, giving the Lady Mustangs their sixth loss in league play.

By Albert Law, Staff writer

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