Girls’ Water Polo Loses Against Chino

Varsity girls’ water polo lost 6-8 against Chino Tuesday, Jan. 26 at Diamond Bar.

Set guard senior Nikita Rubio led the Mustangs with two points and goalkeeper sophomore Tierra Iniguez blocked a total of six shots.

The Mustangs were held scoreless, 0-2 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter utility junior Lauren Carlton scored an early point for the Mustangs, 1-2. However, the Cheetahs scored three more points, ending the first half 1-5.

“We need to work on everyone being a shooter. Right now, we have a pass and shoot mentality. It’ll come with playing the game, but we just need to get everybody more involved in offense,” varsity head coach Samantha Lepp said.

The third quarter began with a score for Walnut by utility junior Angelica Quesada. After two consecutive stops by Walnut, Chino was able to add to its lead, 2-6. In the final seconds, Rubio followed up with another point for the Mustangs, drawing an end to the third quarter, 3-6.

“A good thing is that we made adjustments to the other team. The other team came out very physical, and I think we were a little shocked that they came out so hard. It created a lot more opportunities. We took more shots,” Lepp said.

Walnut caught up in the fourth quarter as sets freshman Lauren Alvarado and junior Erin De Anda scored two early points, leaving the Mustangs one point behind. Chino responded with two more points, and the game ended, 6-8 after a late score from Rubio.

“I felt like I could’ve done a lot more than just that one shot, but it did help us get close to a tie. As a team, we need to work on communication. It’s a lot [about] teamwork. We all share the same love for the sport, [and] we’re improving game by game and practice by practice,” Alvarado said.

The Mustangs will play against Los Altos Thursday, Jan. 28 at Diamond Bar.

By Melissa Kim, Staff writer

Photo by Sajid Iqbal