by annie

Girls Wrestling loses against Paloma Valley in preseason

Varsity girls wrestling lost to Paloma Valley High School 30-54 Thursday, Dec. 5 at home. 

The Mustangs lost the first match in the 101 weight class but won the second match under the 106 weight class after junior Karla Galvan pinned her opponent 2-0, tying up the overall score 6-6. The Wildcats won the following three matches in the lower weight class with the Mustangs tailing 24-6.

“Going into the [match], we focused [on] warming up and [doing] what we practice on,” captain senior Isabel Miranda said. “When I [got onto the mat], I focused on doing what I practiced and concentrated on winning.”

Scoring the next six points for the Mustangs, Miranda pinned her opponent in the first period of the 126 lightweight class with an individual score of 3-0. Junior Nayeli Maston won her match in the 137 weight class 4-0 by pinning her opponent in the second period. The Mustangs lost the following three matches with the score at 18-48.

“I like how [wrestling] can be an escape for me. When I’m wrestling I don’t have to think about anything else going on at home or at school,” senior Dominique Morales said. “You’re just there to wrestle, and that’s the best part.”

The Mustangs won the final two individual matches. Under the 189 weight class, Morales won after she pinned her opponent in the first period with a score of 2-0. Sophomore Sarah Gaskin pinned her opponent in the second period of her match under the heavyweight class after her opponent opened up, allowing Gaskin to grab her opponent’s arm and pin her. 

“I could have focused more because there were many times [when] I could’ve grabbed her leg and finished the move, but I didn’t,” Gaskin said. “I wanted to win because I was just thinking about doing it for my family. I didn’t put losing out there. I didn’t even think about losing.” 

By Freda Lei, Staff writer
Photo by Annika Le