Varsity girls’ wrestling loses to Montclair

Varsity girls’ wrestling lost to the Montclair Cavaliers 24-54 at home Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Senior captain Mia Dow, 120-pounds, 160-pound junior Brianna Harrison and 101-pound freshman Angelique Cervantes each earned six team points with pins. Sophomore Justine Barredo, 106-pounds, earned the team another six points by default when her opponent did not show.

For the first match, 170-pound freshman Dominique Morales was pinned after a takedown with only 40 seconds remaining in the first period of the match. Cervantes delivered their first win on the mat after two takedowns and three near-falls. In the second period, Cervantes won with a pin one minute into the match. However, Walnut lost 54 points to the Cavaliers with 10 pins, three or six points per pin.

“When we get out on the mat, we always have to believe we can beat the person. Believe in our shots, and wrestle our match, not theirs. No matter who we wrestle, we always should try our best,” said Harrison. “I remind [the team] about how much hard work, time, and dedication it took to get where they are.”

Dow achieved another victory for the Mustangs with two near-falls; the match quickly ended with one minute remaining in the first period.

“I felt confident and I knew I had to pin [my opponent] for my team. [The game] was a reality check, and we have a lot of work to do. We know what to fix, and hopefully we’ll do better at the next dual,” said Dow. “The whole team needs to let the match go, learn from the loss, and work harder to fix their mistakes.”

Ending the game, Harrison gained six points with a takedown before scoring a pin and finalizing the overall score.

“I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be, but as soon as one person loses, I feel like I have to win, just to pick it up for the team.” Maston said. “We can do a lot better; this isn’t a good first impression. We are an amazing team.”

Junior Alyssa Gomez, who weighs 140-pounds, and 150-pound senior Alexandra Garcia managed to restrict their opponents to three points with no pins. Gomez’s match went to overtime with a tied score of 4-4, finally losing to a two point takedown.

“We’re a new team. We have a lot of new girls and I don’t think they realize yet how aggressive and challenging these opponents can be. This dual meet was a real wake-up call to everyone and just shows where we are as a team and what we need to improve on,” said Gomez. “I know losses are tough to handle, but don’t ever be discouraged. Anyone can be beaten, and our time will come when we show them who we really are.”

By Jeremy Hsiao, Staff writer 
Photo by Jamie Chen 

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