Junior Spotlight: Megan Hou

Shahar: Welcome to our athlete spotlight where we take time every week to feature a different athlete on campus. Today we’re here with junior Megan Hou from varsity golf.

Megan: Hi I’m Megan.

Shahar: When did you first start playing golf?

Megan: I started playing when I was about eight or nine years old.

Shahar: What got you into golf?

Megan: My dad just wanted us to try different sports out and then we got to golf.

Shahar: What did you like about golf compared to the other sports you played?

Megan: I thought it was more challenging, and I just wanted to be able to hit the ball out.

Shahar: Did you ever hit the ball out?

Megan: Yes.

Shahar: That’s good news for our golf team actually, what’s the most important thing to have in golf?

Megan: I think a strong mentality is the most important thing to have in golf because there’s always going to be good days and bad days and you just have to play through it without giving up.

Shahar: How do you stay calm during a game?

Megan: I just tell myself that I have to keep trying my best and do as well as I can.

Shahar: How many days a week do you practice?

Megan: I usually practice every day, but sometimes I’ll have a lot of homework and I won’t practice that day.

Shahar: The days you practice, how many hours do you practice?

Megan: It varies but on average around four.

Shahar: Four hours! What inspires you to work so hard? Do you just want to be the best?

Megan: Yeah, and I want to make my parents proud.

Shahar: What a good daughter. How do you manage to do your homework and practice?

Megan: It’s all time management and I try to get as much practice in as I can, so I can get all my studies done while maintaining my swing.

Shahar: Do you prioritize golf over school or school over golf?

Megan: I think of them equally.

Shahar: You told me earlier before this podcast that you competed out of state. What states have you competed in besides California?

Megan: I’ve competed in Maryland, Georgia, Maine, Oregon and Washington.

Shahar: How is competing in so many places far away, is it different from California?

Megan: Yeah the weather is really different, it’ll be either really humid or a lot colder, except Washington and Oregon are pretty much the same.

Shahar: What was your least favorite state?

Megan: Probably Maine.

Shahar: They have clam chowder… Do you have a favorite course?

Megan: I like the course in Maine, but I don’t like Maine because I did bad! It’s a very challenging course and it’s very beautiful that’s why I like it.

Shahar: What’s your favorite tournament you’ve played in?

Megan: Probably the ones in California, because those are the ones I played more often and I know more people.

Shahar: Nice to socialize during golf?

Megan: Yeah.

Shahar: Take me into your shoes before a big game. Are you nervous? How do you stay calm?

Megan: I might be subconsciously nervous but I don’t feel it on the outside because I’ve played in so many tournaments I’m just used to the feeling of keep trying my best and concentrating and keeping my focus.

Shahar: How long have you been playing at tournaments?

Megan: My first tournament was when I was nine, but I started playing a lot when I was twelve.

Shahar: During middle school?

Megan: Yeah.

Shahar: What’s the biggest misconception of golf?

Megan: People think that golf is not a sport and that you don’t sweat, and that it’s not physically demanding.

Shahar: Can you tell me about some of the physical demands that golf takes?

Megan: It’s really hilly when you walk and you’re swinging for eighteen holes, and walking and carrying your own stuff which is really heavy, and the faster you swing the further your ball goes so you try getting stronger and stronger so you have more speed and it helps you out.

Shahar: Do you watch golf?

Megan: I do sometimes but I’m not good at keeping up with it.

Shahar: No one is, it’s okay, Walnut has a really strong golf team, and how is it learning from other strong golfers?

Megan: Because we want to keep improving we like to stay competitive. We like playing with the other good players because we like learning from them and gaining experience.

Shahar: Me versus you in ten holes, how many holes do I win?

Megan: You tell me.

Shahar: I was pretty good at Mario golf on Nintendo 64, but aside that, I mean that’s all my qualifications. Your sister also plays on the golf team right?

Megan: Yeah.

Shahar: Is it different playing against her than other people?

Megan: I guess kind of yeah, we want to be competitive with each other while also making sure that we’re both okay and ready and stuff.

Shahar: Who do you think is better?

Megan: I think we’re both about the same, because we both have our up days and down days. Someday I’ll beat her and she’ll beat me.

Shahar: What are your goals in golf?

Megan: My goals are to just keep improving myself, and become a better player and play in college golf?

Shahar: Where do you want to play for college?

Megan: I don’t know yet I’m talking to a few school like Davis, Berkeley, and University of Oregon.

Shahar: Do you have a preference right now or you’re not sure yet?

Megan: I’m not sure yet.

Shahar: Well whatever school gets you they’ll have a great golfer. Thank you so much for your time, that’s all the questions I have for today.

Megan: Thank you!