Junior varsity boys soccer defeats Los Altos

Junior varsity boys soccer defeated Los Altos 3-1 in a home league game Tuesday, Jan. 22.

To prepare for the game, the team worked on passing, shooting and ball control drills. They also scrimmaged during practice, allowing them to measure their strengths and weaknesses.

The first half began with the Mustangs intercepting most of the Conquerors’ passes. Possession alternated between both teams until forward sophomore Elias Segura-Vargas scored the Mustangs’ first goal. Los Altos made two shot attempts, which were both saved by goalkeeper freshman Joshua Venegas. The first half ended with Walnut leading 1-0.

“I was a bit nervous before the game started, but once I actually got on the field, I was confident and ready to play,” left back freshman Noah Torreyson said. “In the first half, I just really wanted us to score so we could get ahead of the other team. I was really relieved and happy when we did score a point.”

During the second half, Los Altos refrained from making an offensive push, resulting in striker freshman Ruben Rivera making three shot attempts and striker freshman Mika Montes De Oca scoring two goals. The Conquerors made three shot attempts and one goal, ending the second half 3-1.

“We definitely did a good job with passing, and we had a strong defense. The other team wasn’t able to get the ball on our side and they couldn’t shoot,” right back freshman Samuel Jones said. “Overall, I think we did pretty good because we tried our best.”

By Angela Naseri, Staff writer
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez