Junior varsity boys soccer falls to Ayala

Junior varsity boys soccer lost against Ayala 0-1 in a home preseason game Thursday, Nov. 29.

The team prepared for the game by utilizing its dynamic warm ups, which include doing high knees, running laps, as well as passing and shooting drills. The Mustangs also worked on team chemistry by spending time together.

“We practice a lot. We run, [and] we do a lot of exercising just to keep up. Most schools don’t practice during the off season, but we do. We practice way harder,” right midfielder freshman Preston Silva said.

The first half began with Ayala pressuring Walnut’s defense, and possession switched between both teams until Ayala scored. Walnut remained on the defensive but managed to make a few offensive plays and a shot attempt by forward freshman Reuben Rivera. The first half ended with Ayala winning 0-1.

“I felt good because our team was [well] connected but I realized we needed to work on [our plays and communication ] later in the game. [At halftime,] we discussed our plays and [areas we could improve on] in the second half,” striker sophomore Elias Segura-Vargas said.

Walnut went on the offensive to kick off the second half, with full back sophomore Kenny Song making a shot attempt that hit the crossbar. Segura-Vargas and Rivera also pressured Ayala’s defense by crossing the halfway line and setting up offensive pushes. Throughout the second half, goalkeeper freshman Brandon Chi made multiple saves.

“In the second half, I think we did a little better. We kept possession a lot, we knocked the ball as we went up the field [and] we kept switching the ball over and over again, which spreads the defense out,” center midfielder sophomore Ryan Chiang said. “After the game, even though we lost, I feel like we all improved and seemed happy with the result [because] we all tried our best.”

Junior varsity boys soccer will play its next preseason game at Azusa Monday, Dec. 3.

By Ethan Park, Staff writer
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez

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