Junior varsity girls tennis defeats Charter Oak

Junior varsity girls tennis defeated Charter Oak 16-2 in its final home league game Tuesday, Oct. 16.

In the first round, singles player sophomore Flora Lei beat her opponent 7-5 with a combination of crosscourt forehands and backhands. Additionally, doubles players sophomores Justine Dao and Justine Constantino won their set 6-3. Doubles players freshmen Carina Young and Rachel Kao lost their set 2-6 to complete the round 5-1.

“[If you lose a point], you just have to focus on the fact that it’s the next point and you can still win,” singles player freshman Alice Chou said. “[I felt] pretty good because I hit some really nice shots.”

After winning their first set 7-5, doubles players sophomore Prabhleen Kaur and freshman Gauri Gusain won their second and third sets 6-0 with crosscourt volleys and successful serves. Singles players sophomore Katelyn Yang and sophomore Angela Shimabukuro won their sets 6-1 and 6-2, respectively.

“Coach [Josiah] always tells us that you’re playing the game not to win, but if you lose you still get experience,” Yang said. “[Therefore,] I think that it doesn’t matter if I win or lose, just that I gain experience from it. [I gained] patience and self-control.”

Doubles players sophomores Laila Sultan and Lindsey Yu and singles player freshman Renee Chang all won their third sets 6-0. Singles player junior Mia Dimalanta defeated her opponent 6-4 to complete a third round sweep for Walnut.

“I’m excited that we have an opportunity to play against other people [and] see what we need to improve on and what we’re good at,” Kaur said. “Our main strategy is to do our best. We also motivate each other the entire time, so we don’t let our minds make us lose. If you encourage each other, then you have higher hopes, and if you feel happy, you play better.”

By Ethan Park, Staff writer
Photo by Annika Le