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Junior varsity girls volleyball defeats Fullerton

Junior varsity girls volleyball defeated Fullerton 2-0 in a preseason home game Tuesday, Sept. 4.

In the first set, defensive specialist junior Ashley Ching consistently aced the ball near Fullerton’s endline to give Walnut a 4-0 lead. Walnut also ran a 4-2 formation, with outside hitter freshman Sabrina Evangelista and setter sophomore Annika Le setting the ball for outside hitter sophomore Samantha Kozlo. This allowed Walnut to extend its lead and win the set 25-10.

“During the first set, I honestly just wanted to play. We have been practicing a lot, and [coach Jennifer Silva] trained us to be mentally prepared for the game and to always power through whenever we are down a few points,” Ching said. “My team is really supportive, and we have a lot of fun playing the sport and doing what we do best.”

The Mustangs started the second set with three blocks from middle blocker sophomore Esther Li and hits from Evangelista, taking the lead 17-9. However, the Indians responded with nine straight points, gaining a one-point lead. The set ended 25-22 after setter sophomore Riley Alinsung scored two points from hits.  

“For the second set, we were struggling for a while because we’re still trying to get to used to playing with each other, since volleyball is a very team-oriented sport,” Alinsung said. “After the game, I thought we could’ve been more aggressive. We’re pretty good at keeping the rally alive, but we have to work on hitting the ball and finishing it.”

By Jacob Khuu, Sports editor
Photo by Isaac Le