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Juniors defeat seniors in annual Powderbuff game

Juniors defeated seniors 3-0 in the annual Powderbuff game Friday, March 1.

The game was organized by the girls varsity volleyball captains in order to fundraise money for next season. Consisting of only male players, the Powderbuff game was open to all juniors and seniors who applied. Participants practiced with volleyball players for two weeks leading up to the game, working on hitting technique, communication and basic volleyball skills.

“Everyone was really supportive of each other. [The practices were] really enjoyable for us because I got to meet a lot of new people.Through the two weeks of practices, everyone was very friendly to each other,” junior varsity volleyball player junior Emily Chan said. “It was cool to see how two weeks of just coming together every day brought us to be able to have that friendship.”

The first set started with junior Jovian Peng scoring the juniors’ first point. The juniors then went on a 4-point run, with assists by junior Matthew Moreno followed by spikes by Peng. The seniors responded with scores by seniors Jared Arellano and Elias Quintanilla, and after several rallies, Moreno scored the final point, winning the first set for the juniors 20-25.

“I remember for the first few sets, it wasn’t too great for me. As the game went on, we started working better together, and we started dominating the game. I was scared that during the game, we might not have that team chemistry, but in the end, I feel like we worked really well together,” junior Vicente Sandoval said. “We worked hard [during the game], and we had our mind set on winning.”

During the second set, junior Justin Balce scored the first point with an ace. The seniors countered with Arellano scoring after an assist. After an early lead by the seniors, the juniors responded with aces by Israel Castillo, taking the lead 22-25. The game concluded with the juniors winning the second set 17-25.

“All [of the seniors] were getting frantic because we didn’t want to lose. I remember just trying to stay calm and trying to keep everyone calm because it’s just a game for fun in the end,” senior Antonio Scott said. “The seniors all had tight chemistry because when things were going downhill, we stuck together, and we fought.”

By Raymond Dunn, Opinion editor
Photo by Isaac Le