JV girls’ tennis loses to Rowland

Junior varsity (JV) girls’ tennis falls to a record of 4-4 after losing to Rowland (6-12) for the second time this season on Wednesday, Oct. 1 at home.

Losing its previous meeting against Rowland, junior varsity coach Richard Kim decided to change up the drills. Coach Kim made practices harder by making the players run three laps behind the courts every day and assisted the girls with their volleys to prevent them from double faulting or in other words, mis-serving.

During the game, Kim told the girls to maintain focus so that they would keep their confidence while playing. At the same time, he gave tips throughout the game so the players would know what to do. Although the team lost the game, the players improved on many techniques and their volleys. The team is looking to improve its service games because they kept losing points from double faulting.

“The team did better the second time because we had more time to practice on our weak areas. We also had more games, which gave us more experience and time to work our nerves doubles were changed and when our second match with Rowland came, we were more comfortable and used to each other,” junior varsity player junior Hannah Dang said.

by Albert Law, Staff writer

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