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Mustangs defeated by Huskies at home game

Varsity baseball lost to South Hills 1-5 in a home league game Friday, March 22.

During the first inning, the Huskies scored three points against the Mustangs to take the lead. A pickoff from pitcher captain senior Manny Casillas allowed first baseman senior Chris Lara to tap out a South Hills runner.

“During the game, all I was thinking about was winning. They’re our cross-town rivals, I know some of the guys there, so it was important for us to win. We didn’t come out with the win, but we’ll be back,” pitcher senior Jared Medina said.

Throughout the second and third innings, both the Mustangs and the Huskies were unable to score any points.

“In the beginning, we lost the lead to South Hills because we kind of broke down mentally,” middle infielder sophomore Mark Diaz said. “After that, we just tried to get back the lead by getting together as a team and trying to gain the lead back.”

Pitcher senior Tonalli Calderon started off the fourth inning for the Mustangs. At the bottom of the fourth inning, Casillas hit and took two bases, allowing Lara to run and take third base. Immediately after, midfielder junior Manny Salinas hit a ground ball which allowed Lara to run to home base, scoring the Mustangs’ first and only point of the game.

“Teamwork was important for that game,” midfielder junior Joseph Aijala said. “I think even though baseball’s an individual sport you come together as a team. If you all do your job correctly then it’s a team effort.”

After Medina struck out the opposing batter, Lara had a hit to take first base at the bottom of the sixth inning. Following another hit from the Mustangs, Lara stole second base by sliding past the South Hills baseman.

“As a captain, I told them that we have to be more talkative in the dugout because we got quiet. We weren’t talking that much, we weren’t picking each other up. We were all kind of down on ourselves because we were losing, but next week will be different,” Casillas said.

In the seventh inning, Medina’s pitches prevented the Huskies from scoring. The Mustangs and the Huskies switched fields and outfielder senior Joey Ike and Diaz each took one base. Next to bat was outfielder sophomore Panama Greenwood, who was able to walk to first base while Diaz and Ike took second and third base, respectively. Even though the bases were loaded, the Mustangs were not able to score another point within the final inning, ending the game 1-5.

“I think we can come together more as a team [and] operate more together instead of individually. If we stay on the right path, we’ll be fine,” Medina said. “It’s important to bounce back. That was a tough loss, but we’ll keep going forward.”

By Emma Hsieh and Flora Lei, Staff writer and Sports editor
Photo by Emma Hsieh