One whole step closer to winning CIF

Girls golf won the CIF Girls Northern Division Championship at Los Robles Greens Golf Course Monday, Oct. 30.

Walnut finished with an overall score of 433 with junior Abigail Wiranatha carding a four-under par 66, senior Katherine Muzi and freshman Tiffany Le carding 72 each, junior Nicole Le and sophomore Naomi Wiranatha carding 74 each and senior Trussy Li carding a 75.

“I was feeling a little stressed because I wanted to do good to help the team, but I didn’t want to do bad and let the team down. I had to think [positively] and not think about the other players, the other teams or the scores. I just had to play against the course,” Tiffany said. “We did the best we [could]. We knew some of the other teams were good, but we just had to do the best of our ability, and we came out with a win.”

In preparation for the tournament, the Mustangs played practice rounds to help improve their swings, ball placement and course management. In addition, the team had a meeting the night before the game to discuss strategies about each individual hole with Coach Cecil Woods.

“Just staying calm and not letting bad shots get to you [is important] because if you hit a bad shot, there are still so many other shots left. If you let it get to you, it messes with your head, and you’ll just keep hitting bad shots. If you’re able to get over it, you can come back from it,” Li said.

The team divisional championship was also the first round of CIF State Qualifiers for team and individual competitions. Walnut’s CIF team includes Li, Tiffany, Nicole, Abigail and Naomi while Tiffany, Muzi and Abigail will represent Walnut as individuals.

“This is my second year being on the CIF team, and it feels amazing. Just competing with teams you never played with before is great,“ Nicole said.

Walnut defeated second place Westlake by 10 shots, advancing to the second round of state qualifying, which will take place at River Ridge Golf Club Thursday, Nov. 2.

“I think we’ve been successful because we all have experience,” Abigail said. “I’m more focused [during CIF] because I know it matters more every time compared to league games.”

The team hopes to qualify for the CIF State Championship on Tuesday, Nov. 14 and defend their CIF State title.

“I feel like we’re doing really well right now. We just have to keep playing hard,” Muzi said. “If we keep doing what we’re doing, we have a chance to win state again.”

By Sarah Aie, Sports editor
Photo by Emily Ng