Preview: Branding Iron

Varsity football will play against Diamond Bar in the annual Branding Iron game on Friday, Sept. 1 at home.

The team spends sixth period in the weight room to condition and work out in order to increase stamina and play faster. After school, they repeat their plays with the lineup and routes until they are memorized. In addition, the Mustangs practice game-type drills to sharpen their execution on the field.

“I’m extremely excited for Branding Iron. Just being out on game day supporting my brothers makes me look forward to every game,” sophomore cornerback Brandon Wong said. “I feel like we have progressed and come far since the summer. Everyone out there is there to learn and become better.”

The Mustangs aim to have depth on both their offensive and defensive teams by establishing core plays used throughout every game. In preparation for the rivalry game, they are watching film of the Diamond Bar team to learn their playing style and adjust in tactics.

“[I’ve] just [been] trying to get the best out of the kids. [I’ve been working on] changing the culture in which they work, in which they care about each other, in which they interact with one another in terms of not just the team, but also the campus and community,” head coach Eric Peralta said. “[I’m focusing on] trying to teach the game a lot better, the little intricacies and nuances of the game. Not just teaching Xs and Os but just learning how to become a team; that was my biggest charge [and] my biggest goal.”

By Sarah Aie and Tristan Gonzalez, Sports editors
Photo by Emily Ng