Preview: Varsity and junior varsity girls’ tennis against St. Lucy’s

For the first time since 2012, varsity and junior varsity girls’ tennis will take on St. Lucy’s on Thursday, Sept. 17 at home. The last time the Mustangs played the Regents, varsity won, 11-7 and junior varsity lost, 8-10.

Coming off of a 10-8 and 12-6 win against Alta Loma, varsity and junior varsity girls’ tennis hope to keep their winning streaks alive. However, with no recent playing experience against St. Lucy’s, the Mustangs are going into the game without knowing the Regents’ skill or play style. To prepare, girls’ tennis has worked on its usual routines of volleying, practice matches and rallying.

“It’s our first time we play them [St. Lucy’s] this year, so we really don’t know much about them,” varsity singles player junior Brittany Chiu said. “We are confident in playing them, even though it’s our first time. We just need to stay calm during the game and don’t let nerves get over us.”

By Joshua Shen, Sports editor

Photo By Brandon Win

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