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Preview: Varsity boys’ water polo against Temple City

Coming off a two game losing streak, varsity boys’ water polo (4-4) will play its second home game of the season against Temple City on Tuesday, Sept. 15 at Diamond Bar.

Hoping to end its recent slump, the Mustangs have been working harder during practices to make up for the 10 of 15 players they lost from last season. Because of the team’s new lineup and lack of veteranship, it has played team scrimmages to build teamwork. The team has also worked with goalkeeper sophomore Hassan El Demerdash to adjust to Diamond Bar’s pool. In addition, the team has tried to bring players closer together by eating lunch or dinner after games and practices.

To win their next game, the Mustangs will have to work together on and off the pool and play to their strengths against a team that they have only played once against and lost to last season, 10-15.

“From the losses so far we have learned that we must be able to work together as a team. Often we get tunnel visioned and we decide to do things independently. We are very inexperienced together and we definitely need to play more water polo games together to be able to trust each other and our abilities. However, we definitely have the experience when it comes to players. Many incoming freshman had come from a club and had already had some playtime,” set guard senior Derrick Moon said. “When we go into any game we usually try to be confident, but at the same time modest. Everyone on the team knows that we are here to win and nothing else.”

By Joshua Shen, Sports editor

Photo courtesy of Walnut High School Water Polo

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