Preview: Varsity boys’ water polo plays Rowland again

After defeating Rowland over the summer 12-8, varsity boys’ water polo will play an away game against the Raiders again on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

The team has an understanding of what to expect from the Raiders, knowing their basic passing and positioning strategies. The Mustangs have been working to strengthen their confidence and energy, but from the beginning of the season, the main priority of the team has been improving its communication. The team has also been practicing to drive harder on defense, picking up strategies from its summer game with Rowland.

“We definitely need to work on guarding a certain player, because he scored most of their goals last time. [The Raiders] love to put it into set or post ups, and if fronted, they try to get front water. We don’t have enough energy and play like we’re scared even though there’s no reason to be, but based on lately, I think we’ll do well,” left wing freshman Kyle Green said. “We’ve been playing more as a team and are confident about winning, but we [still] practice as hard as we can. We’ll definitely go far this year.”

By Melissa Kim, Staff writer

Update: Water polo defeated Rowland, 18-6.

Photo by Sajid Iqbal