Preview: Varsity Football Plays against West Covina

On Friday, Sep. 21st, the Walnut Mustangs will take on the West Covina Bulldogs in their third league game of the year. Walnut enters the game with an overall record of 0-7 and 0-2 in league.

“We always feel confident going because we have to be if not then we won’t have the energy needed to try and win,” middle linebacker senior Francisco Peraza said. “Our approach is simple run, plus we have been running and execute plays both on offense and defense.”

Walnut is coming into Friday’s game seeking for their first win of the year while West Covina is in need of a win to keep their hopes alive for a playoff spot in the CIF. Notable players to watch would be Walnut’s quarterback sophomore Jared Arellano with 651 rushing yards, and West Covina’s wide receiver senior Anthony Ramiro with 684 rushing yards.

“We need to focus on executing out plays and doing our [jobs],” quarterback junior Enzo Angeles said. “We approach each game with a mindset that we will win as long as everybody does what they are supposed to do. When we’re out there, the past games we’ve played don’t matter to us. It’s only about the team we’re put in front of to fight and hopefully come out with a victory.”

By Andre Alvarez
Photo by Austin Lam