Preview: Varsity girls’ wrestling competes in CIF State championships

Five members of the varsity girls’ wrestling team will advance to CIF State championships at Visalia Convention Center Friday, Feb. 24 and Saturday, Feb. 25.

Qualifiers include sophomore Justine Barredo, juniors Brianna Harrison, Jeselle Corpus and Alyssa Gomez and senior Mia Dow. In preparation for the matches, members have been reviewing fundamental drills, such as double legs and front headlock, and fine-tuning their techniques on the mat rather than strength training. They have also practiced live wrestling with partners and followed a healthy diet to maintain their weights.

“We’ve already conditioned the whole season, and we’ve worked on our strength. Now is just the time to make it pay off,” Barredo said. “I’m really excited and anxious. I’m going to get to see the best girls in the state, and it’ll really test where I am. It’s going to be a really big challenge for me to see where I am in my wrestling and how [well] I can do at the state tournament.”

By Sabrina Wan, Staff Writer 

Photo by Jamie Chen