Preview: Varsity water polo plays against Chino

Varsity boys’ water polo looks to stay undefeated in league in a game against Chino Thursday, Oct. 20 at Diamond Bar.

Going against Chino in a league game for the first time, the team plans to implement a new “slingshot” plan in which one person will push off a teammate and drive to the goal. Additionally, by ramping up the intensity of its practices with hours dedicated to swimming, driving and scoring, the team looks to secure its fourth consecutive win.
“We usually don’t lose the games because the teams are better than us, but [rather], we don’t have the right mindset coming into the game. The pressure can cause us to make mistakes. It’s not good to have too many regrets in your mind but it is good to be conscientious of yourself and to know the mistakes you made,” set guard freshman Zachary Moscoso said. “We have been planning for this game for a while. We know [Chino] is good, but we can match up with them. It will be a close game, but we can win it. We are going to change and hopefully start off really strong with our A-game that day.”

By Kevin Arifin, Staff writer

Photo by Sajid Iqbal