Soccer leaves Mark Keppel scoreless

Right forward senior Joey Love scored three consecutive goals in the first 16 minutes to help boys’ soccer blow out Mark Keppel 7-0 in its first preseason game at home on Monday, Nov. 24.

“We discussed strategy for our plays. It helps us work as one unit and it helped us flow better with the ball. Discussing plays with the team just ultimately helped improve our confidence and our game play,” stopper senior Andrew Leu said.

Ten minutes after Love made his third and final goal, right midfielder senior Esteban Sanchez scored a goal, giving an assist to captain senior Justin Ochoa. With time running out of the first half, outside midfielder sophomore Chris Ryan used a corner kick to his advantage, scoring another goal for the Mustangs.

During the second half of the game, center attacking midfielder sophomore Danny Sato and forward sophomore Bobby Tafoya both scored one goal for the Mustangs while giving Joey Love an assist.

“When I made that goal, I was really excited. It was my first year in varsity and my first goal in varsity. I’m one of the younger players on the team and scoring that goal just made me confident throughout the game,” Sato said.

With the team communicating and completing most of its passes, Walnut managed to keep its offense rolling. The Mustangs dribbled past Keppel’s defense kicking 25 attempted shots, but only 28 percent of the shots made it into the goal. Keppel’s offense took zero attempts of shooting the ball, and could not get past Walnut’s defense.

“Our defense was pretty solid,” left midfielder senior Adrian Saldana said. “The opposing team didn’t score one goal so we were pretty good overall. Holding down the back line, staying disciplined and communication was key because if we didn’t do any of these, then they would have got past our defense.”

The Mustangs’ offensive was stable with its attacks, which allowed them to score seven goals. The team played hard defense, which did not allow Keppel’s offense to score and intercepted most of Keppel’s passes. During the entire 90-minute game, Walnut continued to block passes and steal the ball which allowed them to counter and score

“I was excited to start a new season and I was nervous because I wanted [the team] to do really good for our first game. With every touch and pass with the ball, you can see the confidence in everyone raise. When we scored the first goal, that helped me relax and after that moment, we didn’t stop scoring which boosted our confidence,” Ochoa said.

Blowing out Mark Keppel not only boosted the team’s confidence, but likewise increased its motivation to win league, get to C.I.F. and stay communicated throughout games to help it reach its goals.

“We played a good game We had good teamwork; we communicated, we passed the ball every time, and we shot a lot of goals.” Sanchez said. “When you get close to the goal, it’s also good to shoot the ball more because the more you shoot, you have more chances of winning, and if you win games, you can get into C.I.F. It’s always important to be confident as an individual because it helps us play a good game at a good level.”

by Albert Law, Staff writer

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