Softball scoreless against Charter Oaks

Varsity softball lost its eighth league game against Charter Oak, 15-0 after five innings of play on Thursday, April 23 at home, making its overall record 4-17 and league record 0-4.

“I feel like we could’ve done a lot of better, because we have so much talent on our team. It’s not even funny. And we’re a strong team. I wish we were more confidence in our self. We have all the components to play a great game, but it’s getting it all together at once,” pitcher junior Marriah Ramirez said.

Charter Oak dominated with 30 at bats, getting the opportunity for 15 runs. On the other hand, Walnut struggled with 15 at bats and two hits throughout the game.

“There were a lot of errors on the field because of our lack of focus. A lot of girls were like messing around and stuff. The loud atmosphere was distracting at times. [Because] of us being very rattled it was maybe also a  distraction,”  catcher junior Jessica Alvarez said.

Simple mistakes and miscommunication hurt Walnut. Noticeably, Charter Oak scored nine runs in the top of the third, which included a home run by Charter Oak catcher junior Molly Montell to allow three runs.

“Our mentality is like we always want to comeback. We don’t want to be like ‘this is the end.’ Don’t get your head down. If you made a mistake on the field, shake it off, hit and make it up, no matter the score is,” third base junior Alyssa Montoya.

Even though Walnut found many opportunities to swing, Charter Oak’s fielding would be on top of it. Together, Charter Oak received 15 putouts and 10 assists to get players out.

“I think we can improve tremendously, especially on attitude, because attitude is everything. I’m such a huge believer if you believe it you can achieve it. If our team believes in who we are, which we did during pre-season, that’s all we did,” Ramirez said. “If we believe that we can do this [and] believe that we can score, we can hit off this pitcher. If we believe [and] end up winning the inning without any runs scored and believe that we can hit the ball and hit people in, nobody can stop us.”

<em>By Jeffrey Tran, Staff writer</em>

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