Tennis cancels games and practice

Due to the overwhelming heat, girls’ tennis had two games canceled, one on Monday versus Covina and another on Wednesday against Alta Loma. The temperature throughout the past few days has been well beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit, leading to another game cancellation on Friday against Sunny Hills.

After missing four days worth of practice and two games, both varsity and junior varsity players will be returning to practice on Friday, Sept. 18. Their next match will be against West Covina on Tuesday, Sept. 23, only if conditions permit.

“It affects the team as a whole a lot because we still have a number of things to work on and with the canceled games it takes away the experience that we need although it is still fairly early in the season. The lack of practice and matches might cause the upcoming games to be harder than we expect and it might diminish our confidence a little,” sophomore junior varsity player Kalie Loc said.

By Brian Wu, Sports Editor

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