Track and Field defeat Diamond Ranch

Track and Field had its first league meet on Thursday, March 12 against Diamond Ranch.

“Before the meet, we practiced really hard. For the past 3 weeks at the end of practice we do pushes ups and crunches and lots of core to improve our upper body strength. This has been very effective because we have been breaking personal records,” said sophomore Daniel Yang.

Boys won against Diamond Ranch 92-47 led by senior Millen Trujillo in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:01.77, junior Julian Serrano in the 1600 meter run with a time of 4:53.35 and junior Osamah Hassan in the 3200 meter run with a time of 11:00.73.

“I usually run the 800 meter, 1600 meter or 3200 meter distance events and on Thursday I ran the 800 meter and won it but I also ran the 400 meter which I’ve never ran and I didn’t do so well. But it was just a fun experience since Coach Thompson was just experimenting.” said senior Millen Trujillo.

Girls defeated Diamond Ranch 104 ½ -22 ½ points with senior Carol Wong in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:28.27, sophomore Erika Lopez in the 1600 meter run with a time of 6:14.14 and sophomore Malia Avila in the 100 and 300 meter hurdle run with a time of 16.77 and 50.91.

“You don’t really start getting too nervous until your actual even comes and usually right before it gets pretty scary but then you still try your best by not letting the nerves get to you. We continue to work hard by doing sprints then to the weight room and gradually giving a higher amount of percentage effort as we do each workout,” said freshman Sara Santos.

The team will have its next meet on Thursday, March 19 against South Hills High School.

By Eric Peng, Staff writer

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