Track and field defeats Diamond Bar

Track and Field maintains its 14-year undefeated streak against Diamond Bar at its first home dual meet Wednesday, Feb. 26. 

Varsity boys tied with Diamond Bar, 68-68. Varsity girls and frosh/soph boys won against Diamond Bar 81-55 and 93-30, respectively. At the start of the meet, Diamond Bar outscored Walnut in the varsity boys and girls 4×100-meter relays. Walnut responded by outscoring Diamond Bar in the 1600-meter race, for both varsity boys and girls.

“My race wasn’t a personal record. It’s a work in progress. I ran well but not to the best of my ability. I have it inside of me to give it my all and be the best,” senior Jesse Alvarado said. 

In the varsity girls 100-meter race, sophomore Jaslynn Han placed first with a time of 13.21. Sophomore Abigail Laurel also placed first with a time of 5:43 for 1600 meters.

“I felt accomplished because I’ve been working hard for a long time. Diamond Bar is our school rival, so it feels good to beat them. In the beginning, there was one girl I was worried about in my race, but I passed her in the middle which made me feel happy,” Han said.

In the varsity boys long jump, Walnut took the top three spots. Varsity senior Kevin Utomo got first place, jumping 19’5. Following that, junior Kenneth Cher earned second place with 19’1, and junior Nathan Wong placed third with 18’10. In the final race of the meet, the varsity boys 4×400-meter relay, Walnut lost to Diamond Bar.

“The 4×400-meter runners [from Diamond Bar] were fast and had good times. I tried my best, and it’s still early in the season, so there are still some running and placement mechanics to work out,” senior Jude Hallet said. “There’s a lot of hard work left to do, but I showed up and gave it my all.”

By Raymond Dunn, Staff writer
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez