Track and Field defeats Norco

Track and Field had its first preseason meet against Norco Wednesday, March 1 at home.

“It was exciting and nerve wracking because it was my first meet ever,” freshman Jessie Alvarado said. “I was just excited to be in track. [My performance] was good. I was surprised overall what places I got in the two events that I did, and it was fun.”

Girls took the lead in distance races with sophomore Emma Arriaga in the 800 meter run at 2:21:83, sophomore Chloe Arriaga in the 1600 meter run at 5:16:21 and senior Erika Lopez in the 3200 meter run at 12:40:77.

“In the one and two mile [races], my times that I got were close to what I wanted,” Lopez said. “For the two mile, I wrote the times on my hand [that] I should get for each lap. It helped me maintain the pace to get the time that I wanted. I felt I ran wisely and conserved my energy toward the end.”

Boys defeated Norco with junior Kenan Van Setten leading in the 800 meter run at 2:07:74, sophomore Curtis Trieu leading in the 1600 meter run at 4:56:18 and senior Evan Sentoso leading in the 3200 meter run at 11:27:92.

“This year it changed a lot for me because I went from being a freshman and sophomore runner to running in varsity, and now I’m anticipating to do better and set more goals and be better for the team,” Trieu said. “I think I could have actually done better but for the [1600 meter], I did really well. I paced myself correctly and I ended up being able to beat the guy at the end.”

The team will have its first invitational meet of the season at Azusa Pacific University on Saturday, March 4.

“Usually at invitationals, they have a lot more competition. I like having a lot of competition and trying to run against different runners because it’s a different experience every time,” Trieu said. “I think that we’ll actually do pretty [well] in the invitational because we’ve been practicing really hard the past few months and we’ve been working together as a team.”

By Sabrina Wan, Staff writer

Photo by Jamie Chen