Varsity and JV girls’ tennis win first, lose second in back-to-back

Varsity girls’ tennis falls to an overall record of 10-3 after losing against Troy 3-15 and winning against Diamond Ranch 14-4. Junior varsity (JV) dropped to an overall record of 12-5 after losing to Troy 0-18, but is still undefeated in league after winning against Diamond Ranch 14-4. Both teams played Diamond Ranch on Tuesday, Oct. 14 and Troy on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

The girls’ varsity and JV tennis team are striving to finish undefeated in league. During practice, coaches Richard Kim and Lee Shiomoto changed the drills by mainly focusing on the girls’ alley shots and strategy. The coaches also prepared the girls to be physically and mentally ready by giving them pep talks during the games.

This was the team’s first time playing against Troy. Many of the players had heard that Troy was a Division One school that played well, and if not better than Rowland – whom the team had lost to twice already. Even though the teams lost, they still maintained high spirits and cheered each other on.

“I feel confident that we’ll go undefeated [in league] because right now we’re doing really well and we won every single league game so far. We kept pushing ourselves to practice harder to win more games and also we’re doing a lot better now because our coach has changed up the drills and we’ve just overall improved,” freshman junior varsity player Crystal Xu said.

by Albert Law, Staff writer

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