Varsity boys’ basketball falls to Los Altos

Varsity boys’ basketball lost to the current league champion Los Altos at home 51-54 Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Point guard sophomore Eli Ramos led the offense with 20 points, three assists and four steals while shooting guard junior Agassi Goantara followed closely behind with 16 points, two assists and three steals.

“[Our coach] reminded us this game was really important and if we wanted to be league champions, we had to win this game,” Ramos said. “I was motivated to get back in the game because this game really mattered a lot.”

Los Altos started the first quarter with a 3-pointer shot, but multiple fouls let Ramos gain four points from free throws. Nearing the last minute of the first quarter, point guard senior Ryan Dai scored two points to tie the game 14-14. Despite Walnut’s defense, multiple lay-ups allowed Los Altos to regain their lead and end the first half 22-26.

“During the first half, I thought we played better than the first time we played them. We were pretty confident. We thought we could pull away with [beating Los Altos] this time, but then at the last minute we got carried away,” shooting guard junior Christian Ocampo said.

During the third quarter, Los Altos increased their lead by 13 points by the 6:04 mark after several turnovers by the Mustangs. Although Los Altos maintained consistent possession of the ball, Walnut gained the most points in this quarter, with Ramos contributing 4 points and an assist. Goantara finished the quarter with a lay-up, bringing the score to 38-43.

“The game was just slipping from us in the third quarter. We weren’t communicating on defense, which was bringing our momentum down. We tried to get back in the game,” Ramos said. “[Communication] is something everyone needs to work on.”

The Conquerors’ steals and offense advanced their lead 40-49 halfway through the last quarter. By the 0:23 mark, Goantara scored six points to raise the score 49-54, and a layup by Dai ended the game.

“We were playing with our own kind of flow. As a team, we were kind of panicking [and] needed to work on rebounding and going to get the ball. We just need to play smarter,” Dai said.

By Amy Lo, Staff writer
Photo by Justin Jiang

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