Varsity boys soccer defeats Rowland

Varsity boys soccer defeated Rowland 4-0 in its second preseason game Wednesday, Nov. 29.

In the first half, forward senior Jacob Gallegos scored a goal after outrunning his defender on the left wing of the field. Right midfielder freshman Nathan Sepulveda also scored by maneuvering through two defenders.

“In the first half, I thought we had a good lead over them and that we were the more dominant playing team,” Sepulveda said. “Mostly, the edge we have on the other team is communication and teamwork.”

Near the end of the second half, Sepulveda scored two more goals off key passes from Gallegos for the Mustangs and accomplished a hat trick by scoring three consecutive goals, ending the game 4-0.

“As it is preseason, we are trying to figure out the players and their positions and how we are going to play against them at our best,” defender senior John Gu said. “But this game, I think we made some mistakes, like being offside or missing the goal, but we are doing much better this season because we are playing more like a team.”

By Jacob Khuu, Staff writer

Photo by Erin Tan

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