Varsity boys soccer falls to South Hills

Varsity boys soccer fell to South Hills 0-1 in a home league game Wednesday, Jan. 29.

In the first half, both teams exchanged possession but the Mustangs had multiple shot attempts from captain wing senior Micah Rickard and captain wing senior Roger Chaidez through passes from each other on the left wing. The Huskies followed up with a goal, ending the first half 1-0.

“Over the course of the game, I was trying to work with [Chaidez] and take the ball up to work the field against the other team,” Rickard said. “After the game, [varsity coach Nicholas Blackford] helped us work on shooting drills, communication and more scrimmages to help us find our voices on the field.“ 

During the second half, multiple saves from goalkeeper senior Ziao Zhen prevented the Huskies from scoring. Walnut’s midfielders kept possession throughout the second half with additionall shot attempts from Rickard along with senior Matthew Moreno. However, Walnut was unable to find an equalizer, ending the game 0-1.

“We were working on strategies along with tactics since we have three more games next and we are also trying to make CIF. We are working on positioning and trying to get the ball up faster,” Chiadez said. “Going into this game, I felt that we needed to win to get a better spot in California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) but I was positive and encouraging even after every shot we took. Staying positive helped the team work better.”

By Samuel Au, Staff writer
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez