Varsity boys’ soccer loses to Ayala

Varsity boys’ soccer lost to Ayala 1-2 in their season opener and dropped to a 0-1 overall record Monday, Nov. 28.

The game started with a quick goal by the Bulldogs in the first two minutes. Ayala scored another goal later on in the half with a header, extending the lead 0-2. As the first half came to a close, forward senior Bobby Tafoya was tripped in the penalty box, resulting in a missed penalty kick, ending the first half 0-2.

“We approached the game ready to play. The first half didn’t go so well because we were leaving the middle open, and they were rushing us from there. We need to focus more [even though] we practiced a lot going into the game,” forward senior Alex Rivas said.

The Mustangs looked to improve their offense to contest Ayala in the second half. However, both teams focused on shooting rather than passing and defending the field. In the last three minutes of the game, Rivas scored off a penalty kick after being fouled, cutting Ayala’s lead to one. Walnut was unable to score for the rest of the half, ending the game 1-2.

“Today’s game didn’t go as planned but it wasn’t bad. We still need to work on our team chemistry and learn how to play with each other. We didn’t have a few starters and that made the game tougher,” defender senior Daniel Sato said. “There’s a lot of potential on the team, so I think we’ll just keep improving.”

By Andre Alvarez, Staff writer
Photo by Jamie Chen