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Varsity Boys Soccer triumphs against Diamond Bar

Varsity boys soccer defeated Diamond Bar 2-0 in a home preseason game Wednesday, Dec. 4.

In practice, the team learned how to press and attack while reviewing tactics for the game such as penalty kicks and corner kicks. Before the game, everyone ate healthy foods and hydrated. Varsity boys coach Nick Blackford emphasized more concentration on the field. 

“The position practice helped us know where to be on the field at the right time,” left back senior Roger Chaidez said. “This meant we were always one step ahead of them.”

In the first half, the Mustangs and the Brahmas fought for the ball and an offensive opening goal. The Mustangs broke through during the first half when striker senior Matthew Moreno scored a goal with an assist from Chaidez. Striker senior Kyle Dalan scored a second goal in the first half when a throw-in was made and Dalan successfully shot with his left. Although the rain made the field conditions challenging, players on both sides took advantage of the situation by sliding to take the ball away from their opponents.

“The mentality [of] our team this year has definitely improved. [Before] we start the game, we pray, get super hyped and break out, [and go] in with high intensity,” Moreno said. “That’s something I try to spark [in] other [teammates] too.”

During the second half, despite multiple offensive pushes from both teams, no goals were scored. The Mustangs controlled the field by maintaining the majority of possession and keeping a strong defense. Walnut midfielders held the ball for the majority of the half but did not make any more goal attempts. Walnut retained the score, and the game ended 2-0. 

“As a team, getting a goal means a lot to the team because we practice day after day,” Dalan said. “We could improve on having fewer errors like turning over the ball or going in with better insight.”

Varsity boys soccer will play its next preseason game against Pomona High School Thursday, Dec. 12.

By Alex Santiago, Staff Writer
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez