Varsity boys tennis defeats Bonita

Varsity boys tennis defeated Bonita 13-5 at a home preseason game Thursday, March 7.

The Mustangs secured an early lead after singles player senior Lucas Van Zee won his set 6-2 with serves and forehand volleys. Singles player senior Aaron Tang played the entire match undefeated and finished with an overall score of 3-0. 

“I felt confident that I would win because it’s a game of mentality,” Van Zee said. “Our entire team played really well, and the overall mindset of everyone on the court was great to see. We heard that Bonita had a good tennis team, and that’s what motivated us to do well.”

Doubles players sophomore Kaden Salvadore and senior Lenick Tan also won their respective sets with an overall record of 3-0. In the second round, Salvadore strengthened the lead by utilizing backhand and forehand volleys at the net to complement Tan’s crosscourt hits. 

“Playing against Bonita was exciting, but the main thing was that our team needed to maintain our competitive spirit,” Tang said. “Seeing everyone on the court [demonstrating] what we practice was fulfilling to see. My teammates influence me to become a better player.”

In the third round, singles player junior Jimmy Lu won his set 6-3 after solidifying a victory in the previous round with a score of 6-1. His win brought the team’s overall score to 13-5.

“I could have pushed myself more,” Lu said. “In the last round, I felt my serves and movements becoming slower as the match progressed. However, I do think that our team collectively played powerfully. Hopefully with a stronger team this year, we’ll be able to go farther in CIF and league as well.”

The Mustangs will play their first league game against West Covina Thursday, March 12.

By Ashley Liang, Staff writer
Photo by Mia Nam