Varsity boys tennis defeats Diamond Bar

Varsity boys tennis defeated Diamond Bar 13-5 in a preseason home game Monday, Feb. 25.

In the first round, singles player junior Lucas Van Zee won 6-1 with consistent crosscourt forehands. Doubles players seniors Samuel Liu and Eric Liang lost 0-6, doubles players freshmen Ronald Chen and Kaden Salvador won 6-2 by hitting down the opposing team’s alleys, and doubles players juniors Aaron Tang and Lenick Tan lost 1-6.

“[Tang] and I have been playing for a long time together, so I think that naturally helps us prepare for the match. The most important part is motivating your partner to not get too down after losing one point. I try to keep the energy high because there’s always the next pont and you never lose until the game’s over,” Tan said.

After losing the second round 6-7, Chen and Salvador hit backhands, volleys and slices to win the third round 7-5. Singles players sophomore Jimmy Liu and senior Brandon Wang beat the Brahmas 6-1 and 6-2, respectively.

“We had rough moments,but we closed it out in the end. Our team has new people, so I feel like our team is stronger. I think we could be more aggressive, but practicing two to three hours a day has helped me be more confident and less scared,” Chen said. “I feel like if we keep it up the way we’re playing right now, we can beat a lot of upper division schools.”

By Angela Cao, Staff Writer
Photo by Erin Tan