Varsity boys tennis defeats diamond ranch

Varsity boys tennis defeated Diamond Ranch High School 18-0 in a home league game Thursday, March 7.

In the first round, doubles players freshmen Kaden Salvador and Ronald Chen won their set 6-0 with consistent forehands, crosscourt backhands hits and aces. Doubles players seniors Eric Liang and Samuel Liu won their set 6-0. Additionally, singles players senior Brandon Wong and junior Lucas Van Zee defeated their opponents 6-0.

“I want to improve my doubles. I normally play singles, so playing doubles will help me practice different techniques,” Salvador said. “I’m also pretty good friends with my partner, which helps because communication is super important in doubles. We’ll always talk to each other to see what we can focus and improve on.”

After winning their set 6-0 during the first round, doubles players senior Samuel Liu and freshman Ahren Van Zee won their second round 6-0 with volleys, aces and strong forehand and backhand hits. Furthermore, singles player sophomore Jimmy Liu won his second set 6-0 slices and a combination of forehand and backhand cross court hits.

“Judging by preseason, I think we’ll do really well. Usually in tennis, you can play down to someone’s level. If they play worse, you can play worse, and I think we need to improve on that by playing our own game, instead of theirs,” Van Zee said. “Most of the team plays doubles, which is good, because if we don’t have team chemistry then we’re going to lose.”

In the third round, singles player junior Aaron Tang won his set 6-0 with slices and volleys. Singles player junior Lenick Tan won his set 6-0 with crosscourt backhand and forehand hits, volleys and aces.

“We played excellently, and every single person who played won their games, so everyone played their part,” Liu said. “We got the chance to play against some very good teams early on, so we got very good practice leading up to this game. I’m pretty confident in our team and take pride in all the chemistry we have.”

By Angela Naseri, Sports editor
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez