Varsity boys’ tennis defeats Los Osos

Varsity boys’ tennis defeated Los Osos 14-4 Wednesday, April 6 at home.

Singles player junior Ryan Wong won three sets throughout the game, while junior Todd Nanayon and senior Jimmy Zheng each pulled away with two sets. Doubles players senior Henry Tang and junior Dylan Truong and sophomores Matthew Mai and Eric Peng also collectively took two sets for Walnut.

“I was really tired, but I think I pulled through, especially in the first round. During the second round, I think I did worse. As a whole, I think we did pretty good just getting the game done and finishing strong,” Zheng said.

Wong and Nanayon defeated their opponents with a score of 7-5 apiece during the first round, while Tang and Truong won 6-2, giving the Mustangs a lead before the second round. Seniors Brendon Jarrett and Ethan Fong lost their first matches but made a comeback and brought back the next two rounds.

“I felt the same old, same old [feeling]. I already knew it wasn’t going to be a hard match so my partner and I were just having fun with it,” Truong said. “Last time we played Los Osos, we didn’t know what to expect, so [our confidence level] was half. This time, it was pretty full. Their number one is a good player, and today he wasn’t playing that well so I’m pretty sure the whole team was confident.”

As the Mustangs came into the third round with a lead of 10-2, head coach Lee Shiomoto subbed in other players to replace the starters in the matches. Walnut gained victories for two of the three singles matches, while all doubles teams won the last round.

“I think for our new teammates that got on varsity this year, they have to learn to not get nervous and choke when they can win [the games]. The older varsity players play so well because we aren’t nervous when we play, and we have a lot of confidence,” Tang said. “We take our games very seriously because we expect nothing less than dropping single digit games, and we’re the top team in our league.”

By Jessica Huang, Staff writer

Photo by Austin Lam