Varsity boys tennis loses to Diamond Bar in second preseason game

Varsity boys tennis lost an away preseason game against Diamond Bar 5-13 on Thursday, Feb. 22.

In the first round, Walnut entered three singles and three doubles players. The starting singles were senior Matthew Mai, junior Eric Liang and freshman Jimmy Liu. Both Mai and Jimmy pulled two sets of the three while Liang lost 0-3.

“I was trying to be consistent and make sure that all my serves go in. I was not able to do very well today because I was under pressure, but I’ll try to do better in this next match,” Jimmy said.

The starting doubles players were sophomores Lucas Van Zee and Brandon Wong, seniors Ez Wuang and Ryan Liu, with junior Gavin Lee and senior George Pu. Van Zee, Wong, Lee and Pu lost all of their sets while Wuang and Ryan won one.

“My mindset [was to] focus on the ball and make every shot in [as] the minimum goal. [My] main focus [was] on the court, but it was really more about tactics and finding their weak points and trying to destroy it. Apparently it didn’t work,” Wong said. “My mentality wasn’t really there, I was focused on elsewhere.”

Diamond Bar prevented Walnut from gaining more than a total of five set points while they won another four in the last round.

“I think that I need to look for the short balls more because whenever I hit a strong and deep shot I need to make sure to come up to the net and finish the shot,” Liu said. “It feels exciting [to play] because you get to [hit] alongside your teammates and share the joy of playing with them.”

By Matthew Au, Sports editor
Photo by Matthew Au