Varsity football defeats Rowland in the first home game of the season

The football team tackles the other team who has the ball.

Varsity football defeated Rowland High School 31-3 in its first home game Friday, Sept. 10.

During the first quarter, Rowland scored three points by making a field goal. However, running back senior Ruben Rivera was able to score a touchdown. In the second quarter, Rowland had pressured Walnut with their defense, but quarterback junior Salvador Quintana was able to score through a field goal and Rivera made a touchdown.  

“I felt good [when scoring that point]. It was nice to have the team work together to get the score. I may have scored, but it was the team that got us there,” Quintana said. “There was a lot of excitement throughout this game. There were some lows, but we definitely had some high hopes and we played well together.”

Rowland increased their defense in the third quarter, though senior Rivera was able to score another touchdown. Then in the last quarter, Quintana passed the ball to Ruben, scoring another touchdown and ensuring the win for the Mustangs. 

“Knowing I still had a whole half left made me feel good. All I was thinking about really was what I could keep doing to get us more points and give us a bigger lead,” Rivera said.

To prepare for the next game and Branding Iron, the Mustangs plan to have more practices, hydrate more, control their diets and study the opponents teams’ offense and defense. 

“Walnut football doesn’t get much respect since we haven’t been the type of program to have many wins or do big things in recent years. I know my teammates and I want to bring a spark in Walnut football and show everyone what we are capable of,” Rivera said. “This was my first home game of my senior year and I wanted to make a statement for what people would be seeing from me for the rest of the season.”

Written by Mia Nam, Photo editor-in-chief
Photo by Mia Nam