Varsity football faces off against West Covina in third league game

Varsity football fell to West Covina 0-39 in an away league game Friday, Oct. 25.

In the first quarter, West Covina scored a touchdown and a one-point safety off of a pass interception at 8:36 to start off the game. Running back sophomore Jose Gonzalez successfully completed an 11-yard run at 7:48. The Mustangs’ defensive line kept the Bulldogs scoreless throughout the rest of the quarter, ending it 0-7.

“When I made my 11-yard run, I was disappointed because I thought that I was going to break it and make a touchdown. I was able to fake the whole defense into thinking that someone else was going to receive the pass,” Gonzalez said. “When I was running, the defense safety grabbed my ankle while he was down and ended up dragging me down with him.”

At the start of the second quarter, Maldonado threw a 24-yard pass to wide receiver junior Robert Davis at 10:08. The Bulldogs forced a touchdown and missed one-point safety on the Mustangs at 9:00. Running back senior Carlos Castellanos made a 14-yard run through the Bulldogs’ defensive line at 7:02. Afterwards, the Bulldogs made a pass interference, resulting in a 15-yard penalty against Walnut. The Bulldogs increased their lead 19-0 with another touchdown but were unable to complete a two-yard run at 0:23.

“I felt good, but it was just a catch, and there were more things to work on. I tried to execute the catch and tried to come out with a victory,” said Davis. “A little bit of a rush came to me because my [defender] was pretty close onto me, and it was a pretty good throw that I was able to catch.”

During the third quarter, defensive line junior Kory Mcclendon and Davis forced a fumble recovery. At 8:03, Maldonado made a 2-yard run through the middle but received a personal foul after a holding call, resulting in a 15-yard penalty that allowed the Mustangs to gain a total of 17 yards. At 5:46, Maldonado made a 15-yard pass to Davis, who ran an additional six yards. The Mustangs were unable to hold off the Bulldogs, allowing them to score two more touchdowns at 4:46 and 1:53, ending the quarter with a score of 0-32.

“Overall, I was pretty glad that I made those passes and they caught it,” Maldonado said. “I know that I can do better personally by reading the defense better, seeing the other players moves sooner and passing [the ball to my teammates] and making sure that I don’t give up no matter what. Also, [I have to] not be lazy with my passes and not play down to the other team’s level but play up instead to our own level.”

During the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs intercepted a pass from the Mustangs and scored another touchdown. After the Bulldogs kicked, Mcclendon made a 7-yard run through the Bulldogs’ defensive runners. Throughout the rest of the quarter, the Bulldogs made multiple defensive tackles and interceptions due to fumbles by the Mustangs. Unable to score, the Mustangs lost to the bulldogs 0-39.

“There was a miscommunication with the quarterback so while I was running, I got the pass and had to make something happen. I had to recover the ball so that the other team could not get the pass,” said Mcclendon. “At the next game, we are going to improve by coming into the game with a mindset that we can beat this team and nothing can stop us.”

After reflecting on their performance, varsity football coach Eric Peralta plans on improving by working more on plays, moving players around and conditioning more at practice. The players will be ready at their final game against Charter Oak Friday, Nov. 1.

“Going into the game as a senior, I have two more games left in the season and overall for the rest of my football career,” linebacker senior Jonathan Kamayatsu said. “So I was going to try my best to make sure that everyone was set and in the right place during each play so that we could do the absolute best.”

By Samuel Au, Staff writer
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez