Varsity Football falls to Diamond Ranch in Homecoming game

Varsity football lost to Diamond Ranch 0-45 at the annual Homecoming game, losing both the starting quarterback and the backup quarterback, Friday, Oct. 4.

In the first quarter, Diamond Ranch scored a touchdown and a one-point safety within the first 48 seconds. At 10:56, starting quarterback junior Nathan Wong was injured during an attempted play, resulting in a dislocated knee and his absence for the remainder of the game. During the same play, the Panthers intercepted the pass and scored another touchdown. Diamond Ranch scored another touchdown to end the first quarter 0-25.The second quarter ended with a score of 0-35.

“When our quarterback got injured, I was like ‘Oh [shoot].’ I kind of already knew all the plays and positions,so I could help the rest of the team,” running back senior Carlos Castellanos said. “I was like okay and we were in the locker rooms and everybody was kind of quiet because we were down and we were just trying like kept pushing the silence here and there.”

During the third quarter, Diamond Ranch continued to intercept passes attempts made by Walnut. With 7:37 left, the ball was intercepted by the Panthers during the third down at the 10-yard line, allowing the Panthers to score another touchdown ending the third quarter 0-42.

“I was feeling down and disappointed because of what the score is and how quick they were scoring. I still had hope because if they score that quick[ly], then we could if we put our effort forward, right guard sophomore Joshua Venegas said. “I felt really just blank because I knew it was partially my fault that [the backup quarterback] got hit and got injured, so I felt really guilty and really bad about it.”

In the last quarter, Diamond Ranch scored its final touchdown at 4:06. In the final minutes of the game, the Mustangs attempted one final touchdown by executing two plays that both resulted in missed catches, ending the game 0-45.

“I think they are a group of great kids. I think they are very coachable, I think they are [a] great group of kids to be around and they’ve got great personalities. They are just great kids to coach and I think their greatest characteristic is the ability to soak up information and be coachable,” Head Varsity Coach Eric Peralta said. “I never go into anything thinking I’m going to fail. That’s the mentality that I have as a coach and the mentality I instill into my kids.”

By Mia Nam, Staff writer
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez