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Varsity football loses first preseason game

Varsity football lost its first preseason away game against Rowland 20-49 on Friday, Aug. 26.

The Raiders started with two touchdowns in the first quarter, one on a 8 yard handoff and the other off an interception for a lead of 0-13. Running back junior Nathan Arias gained a 45 yard kickoff return and wide receiver senior Isiah Hall was able to score a touchdown before the quarter ended.

“We didn’t give up. We kept pushing it, trying to make a comeback. [This game is] just motivation towards the next game, to see how good we are or how good we can be. I think if we keep practicing hard, we’ll start winning our games,” Hall said.

In the second quarter, Rowland was successful with a two-point conversion after a touchdown reception. The Raiders then took advantage of two consecutive Walnut fumbles and scored two touchdowns by the end of the second. Rowland scored another touchdown in the third quarter, increasing the lead 7-42.

“I was cutting left to right to juke out the defenders. Just like cut right immediately, move in and get the ball moving,” said quarterback sophomore Jared Arellano. “My nervousness faded away. I just didn’t feel as much pressure anymore. Basically I just calmed down, calmed down and did my part.”

Arellano struck back for the Mustangs in the fourth quarter, completing a pass to wide receiver junior Nicholas Pena at the 9 yard line and then scrambling four times to score a touchdown. With one minute left in the game, free safety senior Cameron Walker also scored a touchdown after a 41 yard reception from Hall. However, the Raiders responded with a last minute kickoff return touchdown to end the game.

“In the fourth quarter I was thinking we needed to play smarter and score as much as possible, maybe not to win but for it to be close. At the end of the game I was really upset because we physically matched up but we weren’t disciplined enough,” middle linebacker junior Isaiah Compolongo said. “Next time each player has to do their assignments properly, and as long as each player does what they are supposed to we should beat any team that [we] face.”

By Haixin Guo, Sports editor
Photo by Justin Jiang

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