Varsity girls’ basketball defeats Charter Oak

Varsity girls’ basketball defeated Charter Oak 69-29 at a home game on Senior Night, Thursday, Feb. 9.

Center junior Yasmin Dabbous and point guard senior Jenna Pitpit led the team by scoring 16 and 15 points, respectively. Shooting guard senior Chloe Hsu was subbed out early because of a pre-existing injury, but managed to win the tip-off. After a turnover in the first ten seconds of the first quarter, the Mustangs were able to take possession of the ball, score numerous consecutive baskets and end the first quarter 24-6.

“My coach and teammates did something really special for me,” Hsu said. “Although they knew I couldn’t play, I’ve been on varsity for 4 years, [and] they knew how much it meant to me. But it was awesome to actually get to start on the day I thought I wouldn’t be able to play at all.”

In the second quarter, Charter Oak scored 12 points, weakening Walnut’s lead but still falling short with an 18 point difference overall. Later on, after a personal foul was made against her, shooting guard sophomore Kaitlin Day gained two points from free throws.

“I was glad to see that we were playing well as a team and I was focused on helping to increase our lead throughout [the game],” Day said. “I think that I did well rebounding and taking good shots and the team did well on defense and creating good chances for each other. [But] I wish I had played a little better defense and been more aggressive on offense. But overall I was happy with the entire game.”

In the second half of the game, Walnut doubled its score with 17 points in the third quarter and 16 in the fourth. Despite multiple turnovers, the Mustangs kept a consistent scoring streak over the course of the second half. At the 3:12 mark of the fourth quarter, Pitpit scored the first and only three-pointer of the game.

“[During the game] we weren’t being selfish with the ball and made the extra passes needed to set up our teammates for good shots,” center sophomore Theresa Lin said. “Personally, I would have made more post moves and been more aggressive to get more opportunities to get to the free throw line. [Overall,] it was a bittersweet feeling because our team is going to be different without the [seniors] next year. It was a chance to send them off in style.”

Thursday’s matchup marked the last league game of the season for varsity girls’ basketball. The Mustangs had an overall record of 23-3.

“Our whole team wanted to win the game for the seniors because it was their last league game and if we won, we would be tied for first in league,” Day said. “The seniors had never been league champions so we wanted to make that happen for them.”

By Ashley Liang, Staff writer
Photo by Tim Su

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