Varsity girls soccer defeats Charter Oak

Varsity girls soccer moved to second place in the Hacienda League after defeating Charter Oak 2-1 in a home league game Wednesday, Jan. 22.

In the first half, both teams exchanged possession through passes but the Mustangs penetrated the Chargers’ defensive line when attacking midfielder sophomore Lana Goytia scored the first goal through a ball by midfielder junior Alyssa Ramirez. The Chargers followed up with multiple shot attempts but were blocked by goalkeeper senior Jacquelyn Corona, ending the first half 1-0.

“It felt good to help and motivate my team to keep going and try to get another goal, “ Gotyia said. “After scoring, I felt really accomplished since I could help out in plays like that and score.”

During the second half, the Mustangs able to stay ahead after more saves from Corona. Walnut’s midfielders kept possession throughout the second half and scored another goal after midfielder junior Anali Cruz intercepted and crossed the ball to forward junior Jovanna Rodriguez who tapped it in. The Chargers scored a goal in the final minutes of the match, finishing the game 2-1.

“Some ways that we can improve is with our communication skills throughout the game and talking more to each other to understand what is going on and develop better plays,” goalkeeper junior Sharis Calderan said. “If we pass more to each other and communicate more, then we can do even better.”

The Mustangs will play their next away game Wednesday, Jan. 29 at South Hills. 

By Samuel Au, Staff Writer
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez