Varsity girls soccer draws against Bonita

Varsity girls soccer tied 2-2 against Bonita High School in a home preseason game Friday, Dec. 8, continuing its overall undefeated streak of 3 wins and 2 draws.

In preparation for the upcoming season, varsity has been practicing throughout sixth period and after school, focusing on transitions into attacking, keeping possession and different formations. The team also watches video replays of its games to better understand weaknesses and further refine strategies.

“[Switching our formation] is interesting. Everybody is used to the [old formation], so you can definitely tell the difference,” defender senior Danielle Dalan said. “I’m just glad that when we were losing 2-1, we still had our heads up, and we were able to keep going to tie it up.”

In the first half, Walnut and Bonita started out evenly, with Bonita pressuring the Mustangs’ defensive line, but missing opportunities to score. However, momentum shifted when attacking midfielder junior Nadia Amezcua scored from an indirect free kick sent in by defensive midfielder senior Sofia Castillo, ending the first half 1-0.
“It was exciting, and I was happy that I could help my team. We need to be able to get it know each other better so on the field we don’t fight at much, and we’re able to play more smoothly because we understand each other better,” midfielder freshman Audrey Day said.

In the second half, Bonita scored a goal by counterattacking from Walnut’s free kick. Five minutes later, Bonita took the lead, making a shot 30 yards out after a misplaced goal kick. Walnut answered with a point from Day at the six-yard box when Bonita failed to clear the ball out. Both sides missed several scoring opportunities before the game ended in a draw.

“We definitely did well connecting today. We made a lot of opportunities for ourselves, and we were able to possess the ball for the majority of the game,” defender senior Samantha Chiang said. “Dropping back more and moving together as a team [is something we need to improve on]. I look forward to more games, and I look forward to more wins because we have a good team this year.”

By Tristan Gonzalez, Sports editor
Photo by Jessica Dixon