Varsity girls’ soccer loses to Claremont

Varsity girls’ soccer lost to Claremont 1-5 in its second game of the season Thursday, Dec. 3 at home.

In the first half, Claremont got off to an early lead after scoring three unanswered points, of which one was a penalty kick. At the beginning of the second half, attacking midfielder junior Kelsey Leimbach scored a point for Walnut, but the Wolfpacks followed up with two more points, ending the game with a score of 1-5.

“We have a good group, but we need to work up some chemistry. Once our team is able to connect on the field, our passing will improve, and we will be able to work together. After we went down, we had to start playing smart and not [get] frustrated. There’s a lot of learning from this game, [and] we have to be positive. It’s just a matter of time and getting to know each other as players,” left midfielder freshman Kaitlyn Wong said.

By Melissa Kim, Staff writer

Photo by Sajid Iqbal