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Varsity girls’ soccer outlasts Charter Oak

Varsity girls’ soccer defeated Charter Oak 2-1 at home Wednesday, Jan. 25.

The Mustangs began the game on offense, but after many steals from both sides, neither team was able to gain a lead. Middle defender sophomore Kaitlyn Wong then scored the Mustangs’ first goal from an assist by forward sophomore Nadia Amezcua. Charter Oak was unable to score, and the first half ended 1-0.

“Today’s game was one of the best we’ve played so far. We emphasized that we play on our coach’s system, which is based on passing,” Wong said. “Before [this game], we’ve all been really frustrated because we haven’t won a game, but we learned that sticking to the system will eventually pay off.”

During the second half, Walnut struggled to make a goal despite moving the ball upfield. After a foul from both sides, each team scored a penalty kick, bringing the Mustang lead up 2-1.

“Going into today’s game, I felt really good and anxious for our first win of the season. Now that we won, I feel even better and more confident in the rest of our season,” Wong said.

After this game, the Mustangs are looking to focus more on their coach’s system of passing and communication among the team members.

“Today’s game was our first win of [the] season and we’ve been making all the improvements that we needed to,” center back sophomore Cheyenne Tucker said. “Our cooperation played a large role in us winning today, and we just need to continue working on keeping the same energy the entire game.”

Varsity girls’ soccer will play another home game against Chino Friday, Jan. 27.

By Irene Zhou, Staff writer
Photo by Richard Zhang