Varsity girls soccer ties with Bonita

Varsity girls soccer tied with Bonita 1-1 in a home preseason game Monday, Dec. 3.

In the first half, the Mustangs contested all of the Bearcats’ offensive pushes with tackles from midfielder junior Alexia Chavez and right back senior Jordan McGhee. After receiving a pass from midfielder senior Kaitlyn Wong, midfielder sophomore Audrey Day split two defenders and assisted a goal by midfielder freshman Lana Goytia, taking the lead 1-0. The Bearcats responded by scoring a goal of their own, tying the half 1-1.

“[Bonita was very competitive] in the first half, but toward the end [of the game] it was really close. I think we need to be more aggressive and communicate more because we need to all have the same headspace and play as one,” midfielder senior Klarissa Perez said. “I think it’s one of our better games from what we faced so far, but there are still things [we could do better].”

Throughout the second half, McGhee and left back sophomore Trinity Rodabaugh gained Walnut multiple possessions by winning headers and tackling players. Goalkeeper junior Jacquelyn Corona blocked shot attempts from Bonita, keeping the score 1-1 to finish the game.

[In the] second half, we got more physical and [were fouled] more so we got more free kicks. I felt nervous because we’re just a new team, and I knew Bonita plays hard and is really physical,” Rodabaugh said. “It was the same mentality throughout the whole game: we didn’t play as good as we could’ve. We could have done better.”

By Jacob Khuu, Sports editor
Photo by Isaac Le